In Pisa, more than a stay as a tourist, you can live an intense emotional experience because staying there will be like taking a dip in the history, gastronomy, atmosphere and culture of a region, a treasure chest of unrivaled riches of which Pisa is a pure pearl. with timeless beauty, with an eternal and immutable charm. A stay in Pisa is simply unforgettable.

You will realize it when, planning the itineraries, you have to decide in what order to arrange the itineraries ... but without wasting time, because here the things to see and do multiply. You must also be able to make a detour to Calci for the Certosa, so a natural day between the Migliarino San Rossore Massacciuccoli park and a tan in Marina di Pisa, but not without having first taken a walk in the brand new port of Pisa.

Then, on the march towards Pontedera and San Miniato. And finally where do we put Volterra? And here the only knot comes to a head why end the journey on the fifth day if you could even stay here in the ancient Etruscan city forever? It takes more time for the passionate Pisa full of history, riches, culture, in a city known to the whole world, to stroll along the Arno river between the noble palaces of the '400 and the Gothic-style churches, to dwell on the decorative details of the characteristic Pisan Romanesque style with multi-colored marbles and to immerse yourself in the enchanting astonishing Piazza del Duomo. All this cannot foresee a stay with a time limit. Let's not forget that there are also the surroundings that mainly boast two jewels: San Miniato and Volterra, which share a privilege for their position, with the most beautiful views of the entire region.

On the Lungarno Mediceo, the National Museum of San Matteo preserves important medieval collections of Pisan paintings and sculptures, wooden sculptures and illuminated manuscripts. Former summer residence of the Medici family, the National Museum of Palazzo Reale exhibits furnishings and tapestries of the time, as well as a collection of armaments from the Gioco del Ponte. Inside there is also a plaster cast gallery and a collection of paintings by Antonio Ceci.

Other churches that deserve interest are that of the Holy Sepulcher on Lungarno Galilei, built with an octagonal plan that is inspired by the model of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and, again along the Arno, the particular Church of Santa Maria della Spina, a notable example of gothic art in Europe, built in 1230. The name derives from the fact that a “thorn” was brought here as part of Christ's crown, later moved to another church. Also not to be missed is the Church of San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno in the Sant’Antonio district.

San Miniato is a delightful medieval town where time stands still and seems to pass very slowly. A slow food city for its food and wine excellences of which the king is the famous white truffle. Volterra instead is the city that gave birth to the Latin poet Persio, with its visceral caves in the infernal landscape and torn by crags and gullies, unique and certainly unforgettable . In San Miniato it would be ideal to go in autumn for truffle hunting, to Volterra in spring and to Pisa always at any time. This city will be able to give us special emotions and one day certainly cannot be enough if you think only of everything you have to see in the Piazza dei Miracoli, with the six immaculate monuments, museums and churches that stand out surreal on that soft gigantic carpet of grass with all the people from all over the world who are there, stretched out, amazed to contemplate all this wonder. Tickets for the leaning tower must also be booked in advance and as a food and wine experience you should definitely not miss the bordatino, the black cabbage soup, the castagnaccio and the pan ficato in Pisa. But also pecorino di San rossore, artisanal pasta from Martelli and cherry-based products both from Lari. Obviously in San Miniato the white truffles, in Buti the tripe and the Volterrana soup is a must. Equidistant from all these wonderful places to discover, the four-star hotel Villa Tower Inn stands out like a precious bridge between all the locations, where the stay will be the perfect culmination of an unforgettable holiday, literally two steps away from the Piazza dei Miracoli.

The Villa Tower Inn hotel is an Art Nouveau period villa that will welcome guests in a warm, enveloping historical atmosphere with a unique style, confirming that here in Pisa everything is designed to highlight an unparalleled beauty and timeless.