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Pisa and surroundings

One of the major art cities of Italy, particularly famous for its still intact walls of the XV-XVII century on which it is possible to walk along the perimeter of the historic centre of the city, that is still almost intact in its original appearance and includes various architectures of value, as the numerous medieval churches of great architectural richness (from here the nickname of "city of 100 churches"), towers, bell towers and monumental renaissance palaces of excellent stylistic linearity. Striking is the piazza dell'Anfiteatro, born over the ruins of the ancient Roman amphitheatre, the medieval Via Fillungo that brings together the more important shops and commercial businesses of the city and the famous Cathedral of San Martino.
VICOPISANO and Monti Pisani ( trekking )
Vicopisano is a fortified village that has a remarkable medieval heritage including twelve towers, two medieval palaces and the Rocca del Brunelleschi, which is open to the public with guided tours. From Vicopisano starts a journey through the churches and the parishes of the area: Pieve di Santa Maria, the Church of San Jacopo a Lupeta, Pieve di Santa Giulia Caprona, Pieve di San Giovanni in San Giovanni alla Vena, up to the Romanesque church of San Martino al Bagno Antico, inside the Terme di Uliveto. Between Pisa and Vicopisano, the charming view of the Tower of Caprona, that dominates in a precarious balance an underlying quarry. The tower is what remains of an ancient castle which is related to the name of Dante Alighieri, that in August 1289 took part in the battle for the possession of Caprona. The fact is mentioned by the same Dante in the twenty-first Canto of the Hell of the Divine Comedy.
The Park Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli stretches along the coast of the provinces of Pisa and Lucca, in an area that was once characterized by lagoons and marshes, subsequently rehabilitate by the family of the Medici. The variety of natural environments, due to the geographical position and to the climatic conditions, and the presence of water are the elements that shape and distinguish San Rossore Park. This variety determines the wealth and diversity of animal (birdlife is incredibly prosperous, deer, wild boar, foxes, porcupines, dormice, badgers and squirrels) and plant species including some rarities. Among the traditional activities of the area, besides farming, gathering of pine nuts and cattle and sheep breeding, one of the strongest traditions is horse racing, which links breeding to sport activities, with the Racecourse of San Rossore, also known as Prato degli Escoli, which is very well attended in the racing season.
MARINA DI PISA just 10 minutes from Pisa is the nearest seaside resort where you will also find "The Port of Pisa", entirely practicable on foot, designed to allow walking even in correspondence of the offshore works admiring the sea, the mouth of the Arno River and the Apuan Alps for a pleasant moment of relaxation. Follows TIRRENIA with its vast pine forests and its many bathing establishments with wide sandy beaches. Equipped for fun with the Acquapark, discos and clubs to spend evenings and many sporting activities that can be practised on the beaches or in the numerous sports facilities immersed in the green of the pine forest: beach-volley, sailing, underwater fishing, tennis, football, golf and horse riding. On the contrary MARINA DI VECCHIANO has a 4-kilometre-long beach of fine golden sand that extends from the mouth of the Serchio to Torre del Lago Puccini, with the Migliarino Scrub at the back, in one of the few strips of Tuscan coast that is still unpolluted, in a dunal ecosystem of exceptional beauty.
The Pisan territory is rich in water springs that for their curative properties originated the thermal centres since ancient times. The municipalities of San Giuliano Terme and Vicopisano, on the slopes of the Pisan Mountains, have a grand hydrothermal heritage all within a territory full of history. The thermal resorts of the Baths of Pisa in San Giuliano Terme, built in the grand ducal period was the destination of choice for the nineteenth century European aristocrats and offers a blend of traditional and innovative treatments in an elegant and refined atmosphere. Guests at Uliveto Terme can enjoy the benefits of the hydropinica therapy while walking through the vast thermal park equipped with recreation areas, a swimming pool and tennis courts. Deep in the green setting of the Colline Pisane, Casciana is a small and welcoming town that encloses an ancient and precious heart: its beneficial thermal waters. It has a state-of-the-art centre of care and rehabilitation and a refined wellness centre.



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